Whatsapp is Planning To Increase Time Limit To Delete Messages 

In the new update of WhatsApp coming soon, you’ll get a new look to the messaging system. Messages can now be deleted by users after 60 minutes of having the message in their thread. This change will help reduce chat noise and keep conversations moving faster. If you think the change might affect your conversation negatively then you can set up reminders to delete your messages before the 60-minute mark.

1. WhatsApp Is Planning To Increase The Time Limit For Deleting Massages

On April 25th, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that will allow users to delete messages sent to them in a group within a set amount of time. After facing criticism for their approach to deleting messages and conversations sent by spammers and abusers, the Amazon team decided to make some adjustments.

2. Is it Good Idea To Delete A Message With 1 Second Left?

One second can be a very important second or a big problem depending on what’s happening when it happens. If someone hasn’t clicked through to your website, it might mean that they aren’t sure if they want to purchase a product from you. If there’s only 1 second left in a conversation and your conversation partner needs to go somewhere, it might be a good idea to end the conversation because it will be hard for them to hear you if you’re still speaking.

3. How To Make A Great WhatsApp Status Update?

First of all, you need to be on top of your game, and you need to make sure that you are up to date on all the latest trends. Secondly, you need to be a great writer, because that’s what the status updates are. Thirdly, you need to think about what you’re trying to communicate and make sure that the words you use and your message are consistent. Lastly, make sure that the message you’re sending out is a good reflection of who you are.

4. How to Make a Great WhatsApp Video?

A WhatsApp video is usually an extension of a WhatsApp message or a short clip that you’d send to a friend, but you can use it to highlight an idea, sell a product, or share a message with your audience. One of the biggest challenges with WhatsApp videos is that there’s no clear guidance on the best way to create one—how long they should be, how to edit and format them, what to include in them. To help solve this problem, here are some ideas for creating WhatsApp videos that are worth watching.

5. How to Make a Great WhatsApp Picture?

WhatsApp is the world’s leading messaging app with more than 1 billion users. In just a few years, its growth has been unprecedented, and now it’s also making video calling a reality. After more than six months of testing, the company recently announced the introduction of WhatsApp Calling and revealed new features, like animated stickers.

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